Interconnect Product #22-0315

Interconnect Product #22-0315


NW Motion Products offers sensorless inverters and the interconnect PCB assemblies to connect different inverters and components together. Together these components make a complete motor control system capable of multiple applications. Any one of our sensorless inverters can be configured using NWMP Sensorless Control Firmware and used to:

·      Run AC induction motors or brushless DC motors with the same firmware

·      Optimize control at extremely high speeds, with low inductance motors or high pwm frequencies while maintaining all the features of our NWMP Sensorless Control Firmware.

·      Be either a motor drive or an active front end (AFE)

·      Adapt to a wide variety of loads, speeds and performance specifications with industry leading precision and features.

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The Diagram shown below shows the how our sensorless inverters combine with our interconnect boards.