28-0095 Sensorless Inverter (IGBT)


28-0095, 28-0076, Rev 1Single board design featuring a sensorless inverter and DC bus capacitance. Compartmentalized sections aid in adapting the design to a high pressure enclosure.
  • True Sinusoidal Current Control
  • NWMP status and system feedback
  • AC Induction Motor Control
  • Brushless DC Motor Control
  • Modbus Protocol
  • RS232 Serial Communications
  • RS485 Serial Communications
  • 24 V Control Power Input Required
  • Includes DC Bus Capacitors
  • Optically Isolated Communications
  • Digital inputs
  • De Sat Short Circuit Protection
  • NWMP Drive Fault Handling
  • Built in factory test modes
  • Heatsink Temperature Sensor
  • Max Continuous Operating Current XX Arms
  • Max Operating Bus Voltage 300 Vdc
  • Min Operating Bus Voltage 75 Vdc
  • DC Bus Capacitance XXXX uF
  • PWM Range 10 – 20 kHz

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